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Leadership 1.0

In this course, we will explore critical leadership success factors. We will discuss effective methods to adapt your leadership style to those you lead. We will also take a deep dive into self-leadership to include taking a behavioral assessment to help you better understand yourself as a leader. The assessment also provides insight to help you identify the types of people you lead. You will discuss effective communication, and conflict resolution. Most of all, you will be empowered as a leader and will be able to empower the people/teams you lead!

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  • 4-week Leadership Training with HR Specialist & CEO, Cierrina Rice
  • 1  FREE One-on-One Leadership Coaching Session
  • 1 FREE ASSESSMENT & Debrief (valued at $200)
  • Leadership Community & Support from Peers
  • Interactive Live Session Weekly (each Monday)

Become A Strategic Leader

You will learn how to develop, organize and implement leadership practice, as well as how to analyze and measure the effectiveness of your leadership style.

Activate Your Growth Mindset

 You will also learn how to put the ideas presented to you into action and build a strategy that work uniquely for you as you continue to grow as a leader.

Interactive Learning & Games

This is not a traditional training class. I believe interactive learning helps us to remain engaged and also makes us excited to show up for the next session!

Discussions with Others

Participate in our online forums, share thoughts and ideas, and increase connections/network. We have our own community here and I'm excited to use it to our advantag
Meet the instructor

Cierrina Rice

Cierrina Rice is experienced Human Resources Professional and Certified Talent Optimization Consultant who has coached, consulted, and trained countless individuals and leaders to include C-Suite Executives. She has a track record of provoking favorable results in soft skill cultivation, effective communication, increasing performance, and conflict resolution among leaders and with leadership teams.

In her profession, Cierrina recruited and represented previous employers at dozens of career fairs as well as interviewed and hired hundreds of candidates. She has assisted many with professional resume modification per marketplace standards. Cierrina has extensive experience working with and equipping professional individuals across all career levels.

Cierrina was afforded the opportunity to assist at the collegiate level through volunteering in the College of Business & Public Affairs at Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical (A&M) University, where she added value to the Experimental Learning Opportunity (ELO) Program Office by educating business students on the importance of soft skills and the benefit of possessing relevant experience when transitioning into the workplace.
Cierrina is currently pursuing her Master's in Human Resource Management at Capella University. Cierrina is an alumna of the University of Alabama in Huntsville, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A) in Management with a concentration in Human Resource Management.

Cierrina brings integrated human resource expertise to include: professional development, leadership development, talent acquisition, employee relations, recruitment and selection, talent optimization, employee onboarding, time and attendance, benefits enrollment, employee training, career coaching, and resume writing. 
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